Who We Are

Our goal is simple—to help women in the payments industry achieve greater personal success, influence and professional parity.

Since 2005, Wnet (Women’s Network in Electronic Transactions) has earned a reputation as the premier professional organization for women in payments. We provide personal enrichment through our world-class national and regional programming, networking opportunities and mentorship programs.

Our membership includes women in senior leadership (executives, presidents, directors) as well as emerging leaders. Wnet members include women working in all aspects of the payments industry including innovators and established players, and from traditional tender like credit cards and ACH, to digitally enabled payments such as mobile payments and Bitcoin.

Founded in 2005, Wnet is a 501 (c) (3) non-for-profit organization serving more than 1,000 women annually through membership and programming.

Our Vision & Mission


Wnet aspires to drive parity for women in the payments industry by providing the platform through which women can disseminate ideas, share tools and network.


Wnet inspires and empowers women in payments to maximize their individual potential and position themselves for greater personal success.

Our History

As Linda Perry, Diane (Faro) Vogt and Holli Targan grew in their careers in the acquiring industry, they were struck by how few female executives they came across and by the dearth of role models they could look to. Along with a handful of their colleagues, they realized that while there were smart, ambitious women in the business, the number of women on boards and leading companies was quite low. They were convinced that only by coming together could women force a change.

In response to this void, the three created Women Networking in Electronic Transactions as a networking forum for women in the acquiring industry. Their goal was to provide a place where professional women in the industry could come together to learn from each other, deepen their knowledge about the industry, coach each other and form relationships with women at all levels of experience. By forming connections, Wnet members would position themselves for success and support each other to achieve their career goals.

From the beginning, Wnet hosted networking events, produced a newsletter and supported a mentoring program. Over the years, Wnet has developed a web presence, produced webinars, created two annual networking and educational events and supported women as they grow in the industry. Our membership has expanded past the acquiring industry to include women from all arms of payments, from electronic and mobile payments to fintech and networks; women in all verticals from acquisitions, customer service, operations and marketing to business development, legal, sales and technology; and women at all stages of their careers, from midlevel managers to corporate executives.

Members of Wnet have been a part of massive changes as our industry has evolved over the past decade. In many cases, Wnet members have led these innovations and changes.