Member Spotlight

Anna Lothson, Content Marketing Strategist and Creator, ADK Innovate

Anna Lothson is the Content Marketing Strategist and Creator of ADK Innovate. She specializes in working with startups in the payments and FinTech space to market their brands through creative content campaigns. Anna has been in the payments industry for three years, but has worked in business writing, content management and marketing for the past 10 years. She’s developed marketing strategies and managed content campaigns for diverse audiences — most recently focused on c-suite executives in the payments and financial services space. She’s passionate about helping companies find creative ways to market complex solutions.
Anna is happy to be a new member of Wnet.  She learned of Wnet through her former colleague and mentor, Gloria Colgan - president of Wnet board.  She joined Wnet to learn from veterans in this industry and network with diverse groups of women from across payments. She is currently involved in Wnet through the Marketing Committee.
“As a marketer in this space, I’ve found it’s best to learn from those far more seasoned than myself. Within the first few weeks of joining Wnet, I’ve already found value in the vast experience of fellow members."
The greatest benefit of her involvement so far has been seeing the high levels of talent from across the payments industry. She has learned how these women have evolved through various leadership positions and how they’ve continued to build their professional networks from within Wnet. She attended her first LINC event in July and has seen the benefit of attending Wnet’s events already. 
“Advice I would give to other Wnet members is go to events, join a committee, stay active and make time to be part of this diverse, enthusiastic group. What you get out of Wnet depends on what you are willing to put in. Get involved and you won’t regret it!”
“Even if you’re not a Wnet member, you should attend Wnet events. There are events across the U.S., including the annual Wnet Career & Leadership Summit in September. The ability to be in a room with this caliber of women in payments is well worth the time you’ll take to attend the events. I would also recommend reaching out to the leaders of Wnet as they are excellent examples of the supportive, hard-working, executive-level leaders who are driven to help other women in the industry - regardless of position, experience or company”.

Pamela McKinley, Product Manager, Bank of America Merchant Services

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Pamela McKinley is a Product Manager for Bank of America Merchant Services.
She has worked in the payments industry for 21 years. She has developed and managed all types of products and strategies from PC products, e-commerce products, mobile products, exception processing products as well as reporting products. She’s passionate about seeing a product come to life.

Pam has been a Wnet member since 2010, when she came to the organization via her former boss and mentor, Chris Lee. She originally joined Wnet to network and collaborate with dynamic women in the payments industry. Pam is actively involved in Wnet through the Marketing Committee and the Website Committee; she is also one of the women who started the Louisville LINC chapter — a group of women that have taken her experience in Wnet to next level.

“The greatest benefit of being in Wnet has been the relationships I’ve made with the ladies in Wnet. My advice to other Wnet members is to get involved.  Wnet is what you make of it.  You can sit back and watch everything happen around you, or you can get involved – volunteer!”

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